Floor Care

Floor Maintenance and Cleaning.

Temperate Engineered Flooring requires very little maintenance.

The floor will be finished with a penetrating sealer (Timbertect made by CCC Ltd) or waterborne lacquer.

Small scratches can normally be repaired locally.


Keep the floor surface clean and free from grit. Grit is what normally damages a floor the most.

The areas near the entrance or garden should have a mat to catch grit and dirt before they cause damage.

Wash the floors as often as you like, with mild non-foaming detergent and sponge off immediately with clean water. Do not flood the floor. Never use wood soaps, or products with any wax or silicone additives. These make it much more difficult to maintain the floor.

Remember the finished floor needs no maintenance, only cleaning.

Full instructions are sent to all clients on completion.
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