Here are a few examples of our previous projects and some of our portfolio sites.

Project 1 | European Oak.

House in Highgate. Architect: Azman Associates.

Project 2 | Elm.

House in Holland Park. Architect: A.C.Q.

Project 3 | Dark Oak.

House in Belsize Square. Architect: Rachel Harding.

Project 4 | American White Oak.

House in Highgate.

Project 5 | Elm.

Apartment in Notting Hill. Architect: A.C.Q.

Project 6 | Elm.

House in Kew. Architect: Gregory Phillips.

Stairs | Examples of American black walnut and elm stairs.

Recent Projects

Project 7

Lightly fumed European Oak.
Dulwich Picture Gallery.
Architect: RickMather Architects.

Project 8

American black walnut.
Notting Hill Apartment.
Architect: Michealis Boyd.

Project 9

Canadian Maple.
House in Hampstead.
Architect: Magyar Marsoni.


Some of the architects we work with:

ACQ Architects
Azman Associates
Buckley Grey Yoeman Architects
Child Graddon Lewis Architects
David Chipperfield Architects
Eric Parry Architects
Gregory Phillips Architects
Jones Lambell Architects
KSR Architects
Magyar Marsoni Architects
Michealis Boyd Architects
Richard Paxton Architects
Rick Mather Architects


Some of our clients:

Apartments in Albion Riverside
Apartments in Montevetro
Bus Stop Tokyo
Duke of Westminster
Francis Bacon Estate
Franklin Ettedgui
Harvey Nichols
Hauser and Wirth Gallery
Joseph New York
Savile Club
Tomothy Taylor Gallery

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